Ardes - Artesanías de Desplazados



Beginning with the sale of a simple product, elaborated as survival way, Bernardo Triana and his family found the acceptance of their products in the market and the demand of them by colomnbian stores and exporters of crafts, living stages that led them to develop a briefcase of products. 
Bernardo Triana and his family taught their art to other families, under similar displacement conditions, guaranteeing the supply of the generated demand and offering possibilities of revenues and social adaptation to harmed families. 
In the development of this process of growth and consolidation, the quality of the carried work settled like a culture among the family Triana and all of their collaborators. 
Year 2000 the family Triana arrived at the capital of Colombia in displacement situation, forced by the problems of the armed conflict and violence in the field.  
Year 2001 For the employees of Public Office application, the family Triana elaborated and sold them handmade handbags, manufactured in plastic ““zuncho””. 
They participated in exhibition crafts of Colombia in “Plaza de las Aguas” 
Tehy participated in the First Women feria, organized by the Colombian Women's Justness Bureau. 
 Year 2003 received special mention in the Competition of Projects for Displaced Population “Procomún - Eternit and Luis Carlos Galán Foundation” 
Year 2004 Obtained Second Position among more than 300 handmade samples in the competition of the Seventh Pencil of Steel of “Art and Design” magazine 
Year 2005 Obtained First Prize Citi Bank magazine action to the Micro Colombian Manager in the Category of Production granted by the Citi Bank, UNDP, UNCDF, ACTION, CITIGROUP FUNDATION. 
Year 2006 Were postulated to the Ninth Pencil of Steel, in the Category of Craft Art and Design of National and International Circulation - Bank World Women Corporation 
Year 2006 Surges the idea to creat “ARDES COLOMBIA LTDA”, company guided to guarantee the continuity of the work, offering economic and social adaptation opportunities to other displaced families of the country. The company was legally structured 
Year 2007 with the support of PROEXPORT and the El Rosario University, ARDES COLOMBIA LTDA began operations

Afiliado a la Asociación Colombiana de las Micro, Pequeñas y Medianas empresas ACOPI, Bogotá Cundinamarca